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Notice to investors: Changes to your investment administration

This article contains important information regarding your investment.

As previously communicated by email, as a Responsible Entity of your investments, Copia Investment Partners (Copia) employs a panel of service providers that help facilitate the reporting for your investments with us.

On 18th December 2023 ("the transition date"), Copia will be changing one of its service providers that manages the client administration and registration from Iress Managed Funds Administration (MFA) to Boardroom.

This follows an extensive review by Copia to determine which provider is best able to deliver client services that is among industry best practice. As a result of this review, we have chosen BoardRoom who have a 30-year track record in managing client administration and registry services.

Benefits for you:

The new service will provide the following benefits:

  • The ability to make new and additional investments online

  • A portfolio view your investments in one central location ("InvestorServe")

  • The ability to view and manage personal information including contact details, banking information and tax file number online

  • Access to online statements and distribution advice

  • Access to information on holdings including distribution details, tax and trust financial information being stored in a secure portal for future access at any time.

What will change?

  • Change to your account number

  • Change to bank details for applications

  • Change to email address for submitting forms

  • Change to investor portal

Investor account number

Your new Boardroom investor account number will be referred to as a “unit number”.  The unit number will be in the following format: U10 + Existing Account Number. For example, if your existing account number is 10023457, your new unit number will be U1010023457.

Bank details for applications

From 2pm on Friday 15th December 2023, Copia’s bank details for receiving application monies will be as follows:

Account Name: Boardroom Pty Ltd ITF COPIA Funds - Application A/CBSB: 332-027Account Number: 556-074-208

Email address for submitting forms

From 2pm on Friday, 15th December 2023, the following email address should be used to return completed forms for processing (e.g. Application Forms, Withdrawal Forms, Change of Details Forms):

Accessing your investment via the investor portal

The new investor portal will be called “InvestorServe”. Instructions on how to access InvestorServe will be communicated to you by email.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Services Team:

9am to 5pm

Melbourne business days

P  1800 442 129 (free call within Australia)

P  +61 3 9602 3199


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