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About Artisan Partners

Artisan Partners is a global investment management firm that

provides a broad range of high value-added investment strategies in

growing asset classes to sophisticated clients around the world.

The foundation of Artisan Partners’ story was set in 1994 by founders Andy and Carlene Ziegler. At the time, the Zieglers identified two secular trends—talent acquisition and open architecture—that were taking hold in the market. Those two trends shaped the firm’s growth strategy.

The talent acquisition movement within the industry created the opportunity to attract investment talent to the firm, where high-quality investors are allowed to execute their own investment process without distractions. Open architecture provided the framework to distribute high-quality products more freely through consultants and mutual fund platforms given the right talent and results.

A Distinctive Investment Culture

“Everything Artisan Partners does is consciously designed to create an investment culture that allows talent to thrive.”
Eric Colson, CEO, Artisan Partners

Copia Investment Partners

Artisan Partners is proud to partner with Copia Investment Partners, an independent Australian investment management group.

As Responsible Entity for the Artisan Global Discovery Fund, Copia provides the resources and infrastructure to help service financial advisers and direct investor clients in Australia. This enables Artisan Partners to focus on delivering investment excellence.

The Artisan Global Discovery Fund is an Australian domiciled unit trust distributed by Copia that invests exclusively in the Artisan Global Discovery UCITS Fund (Fund) which is a sub-fund of Artisan Partners Global Funds plc. The investment manager of the Fund is Artisan Partners Limited Partnership.

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